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Christmas Tree Shopping

November 15, 2020

Can’t believe Christmas is five weeks away!! Have you started decorating for the holidays this year, yet?

We start decorating our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year however, I wanted to start early for Christmas excitement as my girls are older and are starting to really understand and enjoy the holidays.

I’ve just realized that we don’t have a Christmas tree anymore. We donated our old Christmas tree last year, after ten years… We need to go Christmas Tree shopping!

This year, I’m debating what kind of tree we should get. A very realistic new artificial Christmas tree or try for the first time in my life, to have a freshly cut natural one.

I am really debating, because I am all about creating moments with my girls and I think this is a milestone I would love to experience with them, and live that American tradition of driving to a field, pick a tree, thigh it up to the roof of our car and bring it back home.

Which one do you think I should get? An artificial Christmas tree or the real deal, to experience?

I have done a little research around, and the fresh-cut Christmas trees are not available yet, so I did a curation of a couple of styles in case we decide to buy an artificial one. They are in the most realistic Christmas trees category, and with great reviews. Which one would you pick?


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