7 Quick & Easy Strategies To Pack Smart For Your Trip

July 1, 2021

As the world starts to reopen, travel season is back, and even better than that it’s Summer! I know you must be excited to show off outfits that you didn’t wear over a year now, but nobody likes to pay over the limit luggage fees or deal with heavy suitcases with clothes you are not going to wear in your trip. If you think about it, overpacking can turn into a waste of money and time, and it can take moments away from your travel experience, so I thought it would be nice to share my experience with a few quick, efficient and easy packing strategies I use for myself as well as for helping my clients. Here are 7 Quick & Easy Strategies To Pack Smart For Your Trip:

1. Check on the weather of your destination before you go.

The weather will help to determine what to pack. Usually you can check on the weather one week ahead on your smart phone. If you go for longer trips, check on the Weather Channel for estimates, for example, to get a forward outlook.

2. Try-on or lay-out outfits before you pack.

Go to your closet and mix items, take pictures of the outfits combinations you put together and save them on your phone’s album. Use this album as a resource both when you are packing and at your destination, so you don’t waste precious time running around trying to figure out what to wear in your trip.

3. Bring multipurpose pieces, so you pack less.

What you wear to your travel destination counts, so if you are wearing a jacket and certain shoes on the plane or in the car for example, multipurpose these items, and make sure they are part of your overall outfit planning. This is connected to Quick Tip number 2, versatility is key!

4. Forget about the “just in case” items.

If you really need it, buy it at your destination – You never know, you may find something unique and amazing, that might make that time memorable!

5. Organize in packing cubes

I usually put each outfit in a packing cube. Another way is to fold and roll each outfit together – specially with children this is so helpful. Get Rolling!

6. Start packing early.

As everything with travel, you should plan ahead, and that includes time for packing too. When you leave things for last minute, you just keep adding stuff in your luggage, meaning overpacking.

7. Most importantly, have fun in the process.

Keep positive thoughts and envision you at your destination fully enjoying the experience, and all of your hard work getting there. In conclusion, since your packing is more efficient now, you can save room for souvenirs, and new items that you might wanna go shopping for in your trip!

Short or long trip, what’s your next destination? 

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