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10 Spring Break Staycation Activities Ideas To Do With Young Kids

March 29, 2021

Things are starting to brighten up at the end of the tunnel, but staying away from crowds, masking up and social distancing are still the way to go this year. If you are staycation during Spring Break this year, here are 10 Spring Break staycation activities Ideas to do with young kids.

1 – Bake Easter Cookies or an Easter Cake Together
2 – Create a Fairy Garden Around Your House 
3 – Visit a Local Farm

If you are in Southeastern Michigan, Walcott Mill Metropark Farm Center, Kensington Park Farm Center and Blake Farms are great options. Check their website for Covid-19 Precautions.

4 – Get outside, observe and learn

As nature wakes up from a sleepy winter, now is a great time to get outside and train the kids scientific abilities. Put on your garden gear, get a couple of magnifying glasses and start exploring your yard or your local park showing your kid how plants, flowers and leaves are growing back. My girls love it! 


5 – Go Birdwatching 

This is a great way to build a sense of wonder. All that you need are your eyes and ears. Get a pair of binoculars if you want to go to the next level. 


6 – Visit a Cider Mill 

Yes! Many Cider Mills re-open on Spring, and around mid-April many of them serve ice-cream. If you are in Southeast Michigan Yates Cider Mill and Blake Farms are very good options. 

7 – Make My Award Winning Best Guacamole 

I love making easy cooking dishes with my kids, and everyday is a good day for tacos! Check this post with my guacamole recipe the entire family will love or check my Instagram IGTV for the video.

8 – Start a Rock Collection, and Rock Paint 
9 – Local Hiking

Pack the kids backpacks with trail mix, granola bars and their favorite treats. Include paper and crayons/pencils so the kids can keep track of their nature finds, as you walk around your neighborhood or on a hiking trail. As a result, that can be a great subject to talk about during dinner.


10- Tourist in Your Own City 

It shouldn’t be far nor among a crowd of people, but getting out of the house to visit a park, a playground, watch the ducks at a nearby river/pond or by taking a walk in a different part of the city (always wearing a mask) can be a fun change of pace. 

Enjoy the outside. Spring is beautiful and you should enjoy it after a long winter. 

Please share in the comments below what are your favorite staycation activities. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more.

xoxo, beijos.

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8 Valentine’s Day At Home Ideas To Do With The Kids

February 12, 2021

It’s the weekend of love, and just because we are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find ways to say I love you. My Valentine’s Day became even more special after having my little ones. Here are 8 Valentine’s Day at home ideas to make your day with the Kids extra special: 

  • Make a craft as simple as a card together, and gift each other. 
  • Decorate the house together with heart shapes. We did that at our house (pictured) with some colorful hardboard ones we got at Target.
  • Pick some flowers together at the market for around the house. My girls love this one, and it makes them feel so special. 
  • Make a Valentine’s Day treat together: cake, cookie, a banana split! Buy sprinkles, cake/ cookie mixes, chocolate, be creative and have fun. The kids will love it! 
  • Plan Valentine’s Day breakfast menu together: make heart shapes pancakes!
  • Watch a movie while eating chocolate ice cream. 
  • Play Spa at home. We do this one all the time on the weekends, and my girls get so excited. We give each other foot massages, have our nails paint, and relax.
  • Make a heart shape pizza.

Let me know in comments which idea you like best! The important here my love, is creating memories, that is what matters the most.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!!

xo, Luci.

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Disclosure: I link products and companies based on their quality, my personal opinion and my experience. Some of the links in my posts are affiliated links, and I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase them.

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We Are In This Together

April 10, 2020

We made it into another quarantine week, Yay! I’m so exhausted, but I always find energy to make some art with my girls.

My girls are very into arts, and that’s how we start most of our days. I have set up their art space in my office, which we now call it our ‘atelier’ – a great way I found to keep them entertained while I work on my own projects.

I have been reading the Easter story for V since Palm Sunday this week, and yesterday I read the part when Jesus dies. She got sad, but after said: “but Jesus is alive, mommy… ”, and I replied back: “He is, and always with us”. She smiled, and said “everything is going to be ok”, I kissed her and She went to sleep. Today, we decided to make rainbows as a symbol of Hope and remembering Jesus for Good Friday.

We pray for all those affected by this terrible crisis, and please remember… You are never alone ???

PS: We used peeps (yes, the candy) as stamps to make bunnies to give it a final touch.

Paint: Crayola

Portuguese Version

Tamo Junto!

Mais uma semana na quarentena… Conseguimos, viva! Estou acabada, mas eu sempre encontro energia para criar algum tipo de arte com minhas meninas. Se você assiste minhas stories, já deve ter visto nossas criações.

Minhas filhas adoram arte, e é fazendo muita que começamos a maioria dos nossos dias. Eu criei até um espaço para elas no meu escritório, que agora chamamos de “nosso atelier” – um jeito que achei delas ficarem entretidas, enquanto trabalho nos meus próprios projetos. No domingo de Palmas comecei a ler a história da Páscoa para a Vivi. Ontem chegamos na parte em que Jesus morre. Vivi ficou triste de primeiro momento, mas depois disse “mamãe, Jesus está vivo!”. Eu respondi, “está! E está sempre conosco”. Ela então sorriu e terminou: “tudo vai acabar bem”. Eu dei um beijo nela, e ela dormiu .

Hoje nós fizemos um arco-íris simbolizando esperança. A esperança que temos em Cristo, e lembrando Dele nesta sexta-feira santa. Nós oramos para todos os afetados nesta crise terrível… por favor se lembre: você nunca está sozinho ???.

Obs. usamos o “peeps” (sim, o doce) como carimbo para fazer os coelhinhos, para dar o toque final. 

Tinta: Crayola

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Daily Calendar Activities with your Little One

March 12, 2020

By Luci Fioritto

With the global outbreak of the Coronavirus vírus and the spread among communities, the number of children at home is increasing with school closings. I see parents with the challenge of keeping children busy while at home, so here something I found in my local library worth sharing. 

I love to make crafts with my daughters – it’s a way I find to making memories while helping them with their development. While at the my local library a couple of months ago, I found this calendar posted in the youth area that you can print at home, with daily activities you can do with your little one at home to keep them busy. 


I have been using this calendar since January and it is so helpful. I get so many ideas from it. For example, with my 4 years old preschooler, we are learning the alphabet and words that start with respective letters. Today is March 12 2020 – according with the calendar, it’s flower day! So we are learning words that start with the letter F and making flowers as part of our art project of the day as you see pictured, besides planting seeds together like the calendar suggested. Carolina who is 18 months also is part of it, of course with some adjustments for her age group.

My girls love it and it is now part of our routine to check the calendar every day to see what’s going on. 

Here’s the link for you to print the calendar of your choice accordingly with your age group. Let me know if you like it in comments! 


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Detroit Christmas Lights

December 5, 2019

By Luci

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Everywhere you go… – I love this song.

Christmas lights in downtown Detroit keep getting better year after year. We love watching Holidays lights with the girls, it is one of our traditions this time of the year. Last weekend we finally had a chance to check it out, closing our long Thanksgiving holiday weekend perfectly.

Campus Martius Christmas Tree

It was cloudy and it started raining unexpectedly on our way to the city, which it made us almost to change our plans, but since we’re halfway through and so in need of some fresh air, we decided to give it a try. We were also hungry, so we stopped at a place to get a bite, with the hopes the rain would stop. Best decision we made – the rain stopped, we had our bellies full and it wasn’t too cold. The streets were wet, but it wasn’t bad, it actually made it extra fun for the girls with all the puddles. 

Cadillac Square Christmas Market

Campus Maritus wasn’t crowded, so we stayed around that area. We had a chance to really look around and see the amazing job the city and sponsors did this year. 

Campus Martius

So many adorable spots and interactive installations with the cutest lights and backgrounds to take Holidays pictures in Detroit. Actually I think I’m starting a series of this to give you ideas to take yours. Here are my findings around Campus Martius. Check it out!

Woodward Ave – across the street from Quick Loans
Quick Loans Building
Michigan Humane Society Installation
Campus Martius

I can’t wait to go back and explore more! What’s your holiday tradition?


Wearing Calvin Klein coat (old collection) .
Tony is wearing Jcrew coat (old collection) and YSL scarf.

Carolina is wearing Kate Spade hat & scarf. Zara Jacket & boots and Pipa & Julie dress.

Vivian is wearing Zara Jacket. Neiman Marcus hat and Ugg snow boots.

Campus Martius Christmas Tree

Portuguese version

Luzes de Natal em Detroit – tire uma foto

By Luci

As luzes de Natal em Detroit ficam cada ano mais bonitas. Ver as luzes de Natal é tradição da nossa família nesta época do ano.
Fim de semana passado nós finalmente conseguimos ir conferir as luzes de Detroit, fechando com chave de ouro o nosso fim de semana prolongado do Thanksgiving.

O tempo estava fechado, e começou a chover no caminho, o que fez a gente quase desistir, mas resolvemos arriscar e ir assim mesmo, porque precisávamos tomar um ar. Estávamos com fome, então paramos em um lugar para comer, na esperança da chuva passar… Foi realmente o que aconteceu, a chuva deu uma trégua e conseguimos nos divertir. As ruas estavam bem molhadas, cheias de poças d’água, o que não foi problema, porque até adicionou uma diversão à mais para as meninas – elas adoram pular em poças! Como estavam com botas, deixei elas aproveitarem. Amaram!

Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

Conseguimos explorar a área da Campus Martius. A cidade e os patrocinadores arrasaram este ano. A decoração está linda!

Campus Martius

Tem tantos lugares fofos e instalações interativas com as luzes de Natal de fundo os para tirar fotos de Natal em Detroit. Na verdade, acho que vou começar uma série de uns lugares legais tirar foto nesta época do ano. Aqui estão as minhas descobertas ao redor da Campus Martius. Confiram!

Woodward Ave
Woodward Ave
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Visit to Sunflower Fields

September 13, 2019

By Luci

Visiting a sunflower farm has been on my bucket list for years, and after having the girls I was determined to find one and share this experience with them. 

We found one only one hour away from our house, and the trip was actually very pleasant and pretty with roads full of beautiful farm houses and rural landscape.

I love to spend time outside in nature with my girls. We take every opportunity we have to teach them something through play and experiences. At the farm we taught the girls how the sunflower likes to face the sun and Vivi noticed that they don’t like shade (proud mom moment there). They also could observe the bees and how gentle they are (if not bothered) while collecting their nectar. It was a dream come true for me, and I was glad my husband was able to capture beautiful shots of us before they became hungry and ready for their naps!

Oh and let’s not forget to talk about the matching outfits! I think it’s so cute and my heart melts every time I see two girls twinning dresses. Vivi is tall for her age and sometimes it is hard to find matching dresses, so when I found these at Zara I didn’t think twice. I choose my outfit of the day to match theirs and free people never disappoints. 

Click here for my girls dresses.

What about you? What are your plans for these last weeks of summer?

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