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Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas

February 11, 2021

Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas. I love to make my looks more interesting and versatile, and I am always changing the styles of my outfits by adding some styling tricks for a little extra (or some “bossa” like we say it in Brazil).

With so many having our date night at home this Valentine’s Day, I put together two great outfits that are great if you either like to dress up or stay casual, but looking put together.

Look 1 – The AT Home Sophisticated Look

Styling Trick: I tied a knot in the front of my blazer to make it look almost like a bow. I love how it came together. 


Look 2 – Casually Waiting For My Valentine Look

Styling Trick: Gave a turtle neck fitted dress that I usually dress it up with heels, a transformation into a more casual look. The sneakers in addition with the jean jacket, gives the cool vibe approach for a more casual atmosphere.


Do you like to get creative with your outfits? Let me know in comments which style you like best.


How To Incorporate Pantone’s Color Of The Year Into Your Outfit in 2021

January 6, 2021

How to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year into your outfit in 2021.

I ran a pool on my Instagram Stories over the holidays, and my followers told me that they loved the combo of colors Gray (for resilience), and yellow (for vivacity), Pantone selected as the color of the year for 2021. 

Many people are afraid to wear colors during the winter:

  1. because they are just so used to wearing the same old black, or 
  2. because most of the time they don’t know how to match colors. 

No problem, I can help you with that and you will see much more of this topic coming from me here an on my social pages this year. 

But to begin with the Pantone colors combo gray and yellow, a quick way to start incorporating them into your outfit, is by browsing through your own closet to see what choices you have in these colors and start with that. You can consider shopping for pieces in those shades to compliment what you already have in either color.

The trick with the outfit I picked by just browsing my closet was the layering and accessories that compliment each other without looking bulky.  I used monochromatic shades of gray as a base in order to give contrast to the look and then added the bright yellow to my hat to add vivacity and fun.

But how this post can relate to you and your every day life?

Pantone’s Color of the Year reflects color trends in fashion, beauty, design and home decor, and since the beginning, the initiative has also served as a mood ring of sorts, capturing the spirit of the time. 

It means you will see much more of these colors throughout 2021 in your visuals while shopping and in creative society as a whole. It also means that you can think out of the box and mix them with other complementary colors too, following your style and what makes sense with your lifestyle.

The stores have already started putting out the new trend colors. Shop below my picks to get ready:

Do you wear colors during winter? Let me know in comments below, and give these colors a try!



Work or Play? 1 Plaid Blazer 2 Looks For Your Fall Wardrobe

October 29, 2020

Work or Play? 1 Blazer 2 Looks. Plaid blazer – the fall versatile piece you want to have in your fall/ winter wardrobe.

Plaid blazers are darlings during fall and cooler months. They are versatile and bring freshness to any wardrobe, specially because they can easily be transformed from workwear to play.

Pared with a mini dress and over the knee boots, like seen below in option 1, I used the plaid blazer to put together a more playful outfit.


With a few styling tricks added to the plaid blazer, such as adding a belt to recreate a silhouette, option 2 with trousers and pointing heels, brings up elegance and transforms the look into a work outfit.


Which one is your favorite? Work or play outfit? Comment below.

Shop the look


Fashion Finds During Quarantine Closet Cleaning

April 14, 2020

Fashion finds during quarantine closet cleaning. We need to clean up our closet every once in a while, and little treasures can be found in the process, like this dress I wore for Easter!

I got this dress as an option for a pregnancy shoot when I was expecting my second child, and I never wore it! I bought a size up at the time because of the bump. Now it’s a bit loose, but after belting it up it gives me a great silhouette and fits perfect! I’m so glad I invested on something I could wear after.

Have you done a closet clean up during these uncertain times, yet? I’m curious to hear what you have found during your cleanups. Let me know about your finds in comments!

Portuguese Version

Achados Fashion na Limpeza da Quarentena

Achados que você encontra no seu guarda-roupa, enquanto faz a limpa na quarentena. Adoro esse vestido que usei para a Páscoa! Eu comprei esse vestido como segunda opção, para o ensaio de quando eu estava grávida da minha segunda filha, e nunca usei!

Na época, comprei um número acima para servir por causa da barriga. Agora está um pouco largo na cintura, mas depois de colocar um cinto, o caimento ficou perfeito!

O que vocês acharam nas suas arrumações? Tenho certeza que muitos se identificam.

As meninas estão usando Little Me & HM. Meu vestido é Forever 21 e cinto é Mango.


Winter White Look

February 10, 2020

By Luci Fioritto

Which book said no white after Labor Day again? Wait, there’s no such book and the rule is there are no rules. You should wear what makes you happy. I love to wear a good chunky/ oversize knit, white jeans and my winter boots during winter. With that being said what’s your favorite white in white? .

Here some outfit inspiration for you:

Portuguese Version

Qual livro mesmo que fala para não usar branco depois de Setembro (aqui nos países nórdicos)? Opa! Espera aí, não existe este livro e não existem tais regras! Você tem que usar o que te faz feliz. Amo combinar uma lã grossa e mais larga, calça jeans branca e uma boa bota de neve. E vc? Qual seu look branco no branco favorito? Feliz ano novo ?

Aqui para vocês se inspirarem…


Satin Midi Skirt

August 7, 2019

By Luci

The satin midi skirt, also known as slip skirt, has been one of my favorites trends this season. Everything started in the 90s,  with the simple and elegant design of the slip dress, which was easy to bring out for any occasion. The skirt version is no different, and it’s easy to pair with everything from t-shirts and sneakers to blazers, sweaters and heels.  Love it! 

A Moda da Saia Midi de Cetim

Por Luci

A saia de cetim midi tem sido uma das minhas tendências favoritas nesta temporada.  Tudo começou nos anos 90 com a tendência do design simples e elegante do vestido de cetim, um queridinho para usar em qualquer ocasião.  A versão da saia não é diferente, e combina com tudo! Desde camisetas e tênis, até um tricô despojado ou blazer e sapato alto. Adoro! 

Motherhood, Style

Personal Stylist vs Image Consultant

June 13, 2019

My personal experience with my closet after two pregnancies

By Luci

You know that expression, “I don’t have anything to wear!” It happened to me! Hard to imagine, right? After two pregnancies I wasn’t looking at my closet with the same set of eyes. Several pieces are large and need to be adjusted, because during my two pregnancies I invested in larger numbers rather than on maternity items for me to wear them postpartum. Others are small and don’t fit, because my body is still changing after the birth of my second child – if you didn’t know, in most women, it takes at least a year for the body to return to normal after childbirth, and mine is still adjusting.

That however can bring a bit of frustration to say the least, and especially in women who just had a child. Many women are very hard on themselves and are very critical with their own bodies. That’s why I called my friend and image consultant Marina Anauate Vieira (Instagram @m.anauate) to help me. 

Photos by Junia Lapp

Do you know the difference between a personal stylist and an image consultant? I asked Marina and here is the definition:

“A personal stylist works as if the customer were a character and fashion the product. He is responsible for building and crafting the client’s image regardless of his style and personality. He defines the pieces for you and the image that goes behind it. He brings to the table already established looks.

The Image Consultant uses techniques such as: chromatic analysis, body analysis, personal style, personality and lifestyle of the client. She doesn’t use only what it is fashionable or trendy at the moment, but rather what really fits into the style and lifestyle of the customer. The consultant performs a more thorough and thorough work while the Personal Stylist ends up being more superficial. “

I invested in some pieces recently before my meeting with Marina, because my eyes were tired of looking at the same pieces in my closet. The eye of a professional also brings a different perspective. Marina brought in her energy and expertise. She showed me new possibilities aligned with mine and opened me up to combinations that my tired eyes just couldn’t see. Like the lace top pictured here. Believe it or not, I had never worn it!

We stayed part of the morning and early afternoon talking and creating looks according to what I had in my closet and of course the shape of my body. We created three looks, which I will show you in the next posts. I had a great experience and Marina gave me the confidence I needed. 

I loved this look! Specially for the fact that it is a great day night look to carry you from the office to cocktails. I’m obsessed with the color palette too! Great for now and fall. Trés cool! 

What about you? Do you like this look? 

Kisses, Lulu

Burgundy leather motor jacket (sold out @nordstrom) similar here
Yellow pants find here
Lace top got in Brazil years back
Chloe bag in other colors here

Portuguese version

Minha experiência com o meu guarda-roupa depois da minha segunda gestação

Sabe aquela expressão, “ai eu não tenho roupa!” Aconteceu comigo! Difícil imaginar, né? Depois da minha segunda gestação, eu não estava olhando para o meu guarda-roupa com os mesmos olhos. Diversas peças estão grandes e precisam ser alteradas, porque durante as minhas duas gestações, eu investi em números maiores ao invés de peças de maternidade justamente para aproveita-las depois. Outras estão pequenas e não servem, porque meu corpo ainda está se transformando depois do nascimento da minha segunda filha – para quem não sabe, na maioria das mulheres, o corpo leva pelo menos um ano para voltar ao normal depois do parto, então o meu ainda está se ajustando. 

Isso tudo trás um pouco de frustração, e principalmente em mulheres que acabaram de ter filhos. Ela se cobra demais e seus olhos são muito críticos em relação ao próprio corpo. Foi por isso que chamei a minha amiga e consultora de imagem Marina Anauate (Instagram @m.anauate) para me ajudar. 

Você sabe qual é a diferença entre personal stylist e consultora de imagem? Perguntei à Marina e ela deu essa definição: “O Personal Stylist trabalha como se o cliente fosse um personagem e a moda o produto. Ele é responsável por construir e elaborar a imagem do cliente, independente do estilo e personalidade dele. Ele define as peças por você e a imagem que vai e quer passar, trazendo assim soluções prontas.
A consultora de imagem se utiliza de mais técnicas como: análise cromática, análise do corpo, de estilo pessoal, personalidade e rotina de vida do cliente, para que possa então trabalhar suas peças e forma de se vestir. Ela não se utiliza apenas do que está na moda ou tendência no momento, e sim o que realmente se encaixa no estilo e vida do cliente. O Consultor realiza um trabalho mais completo e profundo enquanto o do Personal Stylist acaba sendo mais superficial”.

Eu investi em algumas peças recentemente antes do meu encontro com a Marina, porque os meus olhos estavam cansados de olhar para as mesmas roupas no meu guarda roupa. Um olhar de um profissional traz uma outra perspectiva. A Marina trouxe um frescor e novas possibilidades aliadas às minhas e me abriu os olhos para composições que eu nem imaginava, como esse top de renda, que acreditem se quiserem, nunca havia usado!

Ficamos parte da manhã e comecinho de tarde conversando e criando looks de acordo com o meu corpo e com o que eu tinha no armário . Criamos três looks lindos, que vou postar para vocês aqui. Foi uma delícia de experiência e a Marina me passou a segurança que eu precisava.

Eu adorei este look! Principalmente pelo fato de você poder usá-lo tanto de dia, para o trabalho e depois, para um happy hour. Também adorei a paleta de cores, que tanto pode ser usada agora ou no outono. 

E vocês? Gostaram? Beijos, Lulu.

The Belt – Downtown Detroit

Jaqueta de couro vinho (sold out @nordstrom) parecida aqui
Calça amarela Zara aqui
Top de renda, comprei no Brasil a anos atrás.
Bolsa Chloe aqui


June 5, 2019

Nice to meet you…

By Luci

I took a break from posting here because at one point I had too much going on with motherhood, work, and gigantic life changing events, so let me introduce myself again… Lulupeartree comes from my nickname in Brazil as Lulu and Peartree is one of my last names translated into English – which literally means pear tree! I’m Brazilian, from Sao Paulo. At the end of 2014 I created this blog for me to document looks and my lifestyle living abroad, all in an effort to express my creativity and love for life!

I lived in Lisbon, London, Toronto and Barcelona – in that order – before landing in Michigan in 2006. I graduated with a degree in Digital Media and I have been working in marketing and advertising in the States for over 10 years. I have always been fascinated with fashion, beauty and travel. Putting outfits together is my second nature. It is in the way I dress and what I produce visually where I find myself most creative.

In 2016 I became a mother, I was waiting for that life changing event for a long time. I love being a mom, now of two, and I want to use this blog as a tool for mothers and women in general to connect.

Get ready for looks, lifestyle, poignant motherhood discussions, savvy travel tips as I share firsthand how it was and has been to rediscover myself in a different country. And there’s more… I’m bringing in exciting collaborations with guest bloggers for us to share in their experiences and tips.

Leave me a comment and let’s connect! Xoxo, Lulu

Photos by Junia Lapp / Fashion Producer Marina Anauate

Versão em Português

Muito prazer…

Dei uma parada de postar por aqui por causa de um milhão de coisas, dentre elas a maternidade e a mudança de vida que nossa… Foi gigante! Então deixa eu me reapresentar… Lulupeartree vem do meu apelido no Brasil de Lulu e Peartree de um dos meus sobrenomes, Pereira, traduzido para o inglês – que significa árvore de pera, literalmente! Sou brasileira, de São Paulo. No final de 2014 criei este blog para eu documentar looks e meu lifestyle, expressando sempre a minha criatividade, e meu amor pela vida!

Vivi em Lisboa, Londres, Toronto e Barcelona – nesta ordem – antes de me mudar em 2006 para Michigan. Sou formada em mídias digitais pela PUC-SP e trabalho com marketing e publicidade por mais de 10 anos nos Estados Unidos. Sempre fui fascinada por moda, beleza e viajar! Adoro montar looks. É no meu modo de vestir e no que eu produzo visualmente onde me sinto mais criativa.

Em 2016 eu virei mãe. Eu esperei por esta oportunidade por muito tempo, até Deus me abençoar com minha primeira anjinha. Eu amo ser mãe, agora de duas anjinhas, e também quero usar este espaço como uma ferramenta para mães e mulheres em geral para se conectarem.

Se preparem para looks, lifestyle, discussões sobre maternidade, dicas de beleza, de viagens e de como é recomeçar e se redescobrir em um país com uma cultura diferente. E tem mais… Vou trazer convidados para compartilhar com vocês experiencias e dar dicas incríveis.

É isso gente, deixem seus comentários e vamos nos conectar mais. Espero que gostem.

Beijos, Luci.


Oversized Sweater

November 27, 2017

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!
I love taking walks outside this time of the year and people watching. Everything looks so festive and everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit.. I’m not gonna lie, it’s cold here in Michigan and we even had some snow flurries when we were taking these pictures, but nothing stops us from having a little fun 😉

I am obsessed with oversized sweaters this time of the year. They are cozy and comfortable – all that a momma and a girl needs to keep warm and in style.
Here I paired a chunky neutral color oversized sweater I got at Zara while in Europe, with older pieces I had in my closet, such as this mini black tapper fringe dress my husband got me on a trip to Chicago years ago, and a Marc Fisher over the knee super comfortable black boots (available at DSW here). I accessorized the look with a beaded statement necklace that I picked up at Neiman Marcus.

Have a great week!
Beijos xo

Photos by Jessica Petrelli


The Ultimate Black and White Look

March 16, 2016

Winter is coming to an end (finally), and with it comes the transitional looks.
Black and white is back, as chic as ever. Here I played with proportions in a white versatile blouse that can be wore to work, lunch with friends or combined with a black mini skirt with leather details like mine for a night in town.For chilly nights I chose a long navy coat to complete the look.

If you’re thinking about an investment, black and white is unlikely to let you down.


Branco e Preto – Vai com Tudo

O inverno está terminando por aqui (finalmente), e com isto vem os mais variados looks de transição.
O look black and white está de volta, e ainda mais chic.
Neste look eu brinquei com proporções utilizando uma blusa branca versátil, que tanto pode ser usada para ir trabalhar, um almoço com amigos, ou como fiz aqui, combinando com uma mini saia preta com detalhes em couro para sair a noite. Para terminar casacão longo azul marinho para protejer da noite mais fria.

Se você está pensando em investir em um look, “black and white” é um que vale a pena.

Beijos, Lulu.






White blouse and skirt: Forever 21
Navy coat: Zara
Shoes: Calvin Klein

Blusa e saia: Forever 21
Casaco azul marinho: Zara
Sapatos: Calvin Klein

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